Om Shanti Yoga

Connection – Calm – Peace

Crafting the logo for Om Shanty Yoga Studio was a journey of creativity and mindfulness, drawing inspiration from sacred symbols and the serene beauty of nature. The logo we sculpted embodies the studio’s mission of fostering inner harmony and balance.

Additionally, we collaborated with Katriena on three photoshoots, capturing the essence of her soulful presence and the beauty of her yoga practice through our lens. These photos immortalize moments of grace and serenity that speak to the heart of her teachings.

From individual property websites to meticulously crafted flyers and signage, our designs are tailored to suit the unique characteristics of each property. Our commitment is not just to visual aesthetics but to creating an immersive experience for potential buyers, reflecting the exclusivity and distinctiveness that Nazer Kurz brings to the real estate landscape in Caloundra.

We Delivered:

+ Branding & logo design
+ Stationery
+ Photography