Environment. Engineering. Education.

Topo is a boutique environmental consultancy, formed by a team of specialists to deliver innovative, effective and efficient solutions.

The company directors approached 45 Degrees Studio a few years back in need for help with their marketing. They wanted to establish an online presence and provide relevant industry information to their clientele. Since then we have been responsible for their weekly LinkedIn posts and monthly newsletters. We have grown their online presence organically over 8 times and their newsletter click rate is consistently over 30%.

We also maintain Topo’s website and look after their graphic design needs, making sure it stays consistent with their brand at all times. We also work closely with one of the directors, Terry, to promote their erosion and sediment control training programs.

We Delivered:

+ Weekly social media
+ Monthly newsletters
+ Brochure design
+ Website updates
+ Marketing
+ Photography


Katre has assisted Topo with marketing, social media and website design/maintenance for over 6 years. She consistently completes tasks in a timely and professional manner, typically going above and beyond. Katre has proved an asset to our business, she has not only significantly grown our online presence, but she has also managed to bring a bit of creativity and design to a bunch of boring engineers…