WhyWork® Podcast

Rated in the Top 10 Management & Top 40 Business Podcasts in Australia

WhyWork® Podcast is not your typical podcast – it’s a saucy, smart, and entertaining exploration of the uncomfortable realities of work.

Our collaboration goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about capturing the essence of witty banter, and professional wisdom. Every aspect developed for WhyWork®, from shaping a distinctive brand to constructing a vibrant and user-friendly website, mirrors not only the lively spirit of the podcast but also the dynamic synergy of the three musketeers behind its creation.

We Delivered:

+ Branding & logo design
+ Signage
+ Advertising
+ Photography
+ Website

Dr Sara Pazell

We wanted whimsical and fun, laced with the serious undertones of the law, with a mix of masculinity and feminine power in our branding strategy, and Katre of 45 Degrees nailed it! We love it – our web design, logo, graphics, icons, and visual communication of the verve of the WhyWork Podcast. Katre also provided advice on our patent registration. 45 Degrees is part of our ongoing success.